Invove America

Why We Do It

Our generation is inheriting a legacy of skyrocketing national debt, high unemployment, and a rising cost of living. As young Americans embarking on the fiscally productive years of our lives, the grim economic outlook may feel frustrating or even unfair. By stimulating discussion about economic concerns, Involve America hopes to harness the uneasiness young people have about their futures and turn it into a productive conversation that encourages involvement and inspires change.

The decisions we make in college may have a lasting impact on our lives and our economic futures. Our willingness to accumulate student debt is based on lessons we are taught about the value of higher education in securing a better job and achieving financial and professional success, but we are graduating into an uncertain economy where we need to compete with people who have several more years of experience for the same jobs. The current economic outlook we are inheriting may not be as rosy as the one our parents faced, but by joining the discussion, we have the opportunity to change the economic legacy we leave behind.

At Involve America, we recognize the need for a platform where young people can freely express their concerns, frustrations, and ideas about the economy. We all want to be seen and heard. So, Involve America is designed to cut through all the rhetoric, letting you tell your story through your own videos, pictures, and words.